Nokia – Google Sync

To set up Google Sync on a Nokia phone, please follow these steps:

    1. Click the ‘Menu’ key and open the ‘Settings’ folder.


    1. Select ‘Configuration’.


    1. Select ‘Personal config. sett.’.

Personal config. settings

    1. From the ‘Options’ menu select ‘Add new’.
    2. Select ‘Synchronization’ and enter the following values:Synchronisation
        • Account name: Google Sync (or any other name of your choice)

      Account name

      Server address

        • User name: your Google Account username, e.g.

      User name

        • Password: your Google password
        • Click on ‘Contacts database’

      Contacts database

        • Enter ‘contacts’ into the ‘Database address field’.
        • Leave other fields empty and click ‘Back’ to save your settings.
        • Ensure that ‘Calendar database’ and ‘Notes database’ fields are empty.
        • Ensure that ‘Use pref. access pt.’ is set to ‘Yes’.

      Use pref. access pt. yes

    3. Click ‘Back’ to exit this screen and save your settings.
    4. Click ‘Back’ twice to the main ‘Settings’ screen.
    5. Scroll up to and open the ‘Connectivity’ settings.


    1. Select ‘Data transfer’.

Data transfer

    1. Select ‘Server sync’ and when asked ‘Synchronize selected data?…’, click ‘Yes’.

Synchronise selected data

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