Statue of Meera Bai, at Salasar Balaji, Rajasthan, India

Meerabai was a princess Hindu mystical and a devotee of Lord Krishna from Rajasthan. She was one of the most significant figures Sant of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Some 1,300 pads commonly known as bhajans are attributed to her. In most of her poems she has described her unconditional love for her Lord. She has tried to give the message that Krishna bhakti is the best way to live life as it helps us forget our desires and this in turn helps us attain moksha (liberation).

With every breath I take, I chant the name of my beloved I know of my heart, and God knows of the heart of my beloved
This is my salutation and this is my prayer.
One lover was in the temple and another in the mosque but to me, immersed in the joy of love, both seemed same
Chanting on rosary, the name of Shyam [Lord Krishna], I become him. Note: A Hindu God sung and revered by the patrons of love.
I am worthless except that I surrender to the name of my beloved, all the time.
My beloved is not to be blamed, it is no fault of his I became infamous only because of talking to myself.
My beloved is the beautification of life And also the vermilion in my hair
When fallen in my beloved’s eyes What use is living?
On the garland of my breaths I have bejewelled my beloved’s name


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